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About Heartbeats Between Words

Vibes speak louder than words right?
Well with “Heartbeats Between Words”, it’s kind of a mix of trying to express how certain words within pages managed to turn into something resembling emotions, feels, thoughts, ideas..
My name is Yelena and I am a book addict/whore/bitch/slut.. Whatever you want to call it, if it has the word ‘book’ and ‘addict’ it’s most likely going to be me. Simple.
I mean, we all have a coping mechanism when it comes to those stories that just had to have triggered something. A love/hate relationship with authors who compel, restrain and consume our sanity.
Sexy dance < not sure if’s that really a thing, but you know what I mean?
Book Hangovers
AND simply put, it’s a way of having been touched by mere words like nothing else. Yup. So as you can see the least of the bookish problems aren’t just always wanting – needing – that book at the top of the shelf even if  you’re always denying you don’t have enough already. I know. I can admit to this too.
Thinking “Book Addict Anonymous” needs to happen? Soon.
When you read a book and immediately know it’s going to end any “sane” emotions you had before flipping the first page, you know, you really do know, that you found another perfect fictional world that will end you.
As one of my friends mentioned, this blog of mine can in so many words be described as haunting a life that doesn’t belong to me.
Take that as you will, but just know that with every good book in my eyes, whether YA / NA / Romance / Contemporary / Fantasy / Classics / Poetry, there will be a shadow of a life that will be haunting me one way or another. That probably makes more sense in my messed up mind..
Being consumed by those ‘simple’ words is a natural instinct of mine as I am sure many of you feel the same way.
Thinking about the next story, even with a never ending and constantly growing pile of TBR books, it’s just something that you can’t switch off. No matter how hard you try, or how much your emotions are stolen from you, it’s just not possible to ever consider a life without those heartbeats between fictional words. The pain of surviving through all those characters minds, is ALWAYS worth it.
If you bring a cup of coffee and are within touching distance of a bookshelf or book, you are in the right track to begin with Heartbeats Between Words.
Just a warning? If you see me trying to
sugar-coat anything, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to slap some sense into me because I promise this blog is all about raw emotions of my personal POV and yours.
I think that covers it all for now.
Enjoy! xx
p.s. Though I am currently in the process of writing my Debut novel, I will make sure to leave a link to all types of forms for beta reads, ARCs, street teams and release dates as soon as the first copy is done. I might even be posting random excerpts from my book but will see how I go.. Fingers crossed I can deliver..

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