Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Obsession by Alice C. Hart - REVIEW

Amazing tension, mystery and sexiness..










Sexy as hell

Drool worthy


Crazy GOOD!

When you finish a book, set it down for a second, look around the room and realise the shitload of crazy that you just went through BUT they were just words on pages... Everything around you is the same, aside from the shifting positions of my two puppies that can't seem to ever find that perfect sleeping spot. Every fucking thing is the same EXCEPT my mind has turned into a crazy sense of WTF. Yes. Obsession should come with a warning of the reader not being able to be the same again once you flip that last damn page.

It had that unexpected but unique element of making a romantic and sexy as fuck story, with heartbreak and a fully smiling face of a reader, into something so addictive but weird? I mean, it had the creepy factor of the stalker that made every last smile, laugh, heartache and panty dropping moment, to suddenly stand still!!

I want to own her. I want to breathe her. I want to see her smile. I want to see her cry. But, more than anything, I want to watch as panic seizes her immobile...

Take quote above is JUST a small glimpse into the world that Alice C. Hart created with something that I don't think I have read before. It was so interesting to see how a simple love story can be turned into a mystery/murder/creep show that bought goosebumps every time I was reading from the Stalkers POV.

Every time the Stalker is in the spotlight, I turn the lights a little brighter and cosy up to my little dogs.. No kidding. I couldn't believe how the change in writing his POV affected the entire story and how I felt with what seemed like an ordinary day/life between Abby + Jake + Izzy - Jake's most adorable daughter! 

I cannot get over how well this was done, but more than anything, I was so surprised but how AFFECTED I WAS. Every good book affects us in any and/or every way possible, but with Obsession I couldn't understand how strong the creepy factor was even though it was for the duration of a few spread out chapters. 

My jaw literally dropped every time the word 'pay', 'murder' or 'disappear' came into view during the Stalkers mindset. Mhm. It was that bad. I couldn't go down the stairs without turning on every fucking light there was. Just a warning, unless you want to experience the MAXIMUM EFFECT of the chill + creep factor - don't read this book at night time or when you're alone. I promise you, you will be thanking me later. 

Before I spoil anything else, let's move on to the sexy but cute romance between Jake who is Abby's boss that works at the homeless shelter.

He sets her on her feet and she comes running over to me, and crushes me into a hug. A whole truckload of feelings just slammed into my heart and I wasn't expecting that...

I wont want to give too much away but just know that you might fall for the little girl that can only be described as the most adorable daughter!! Jake is not only a handsome, drop dead sexy, with a body FULL of every sin a girl could ever imagine, but he has a daughter that is his twin basically. Just too cute for words. 

Smiling at the Izzy moments was as easy as breathing. Add the Prince of Barkness to the mix and you have yourself a grinning idiot with a heart full of fuzzy feels. Yes I did just say "fuzzy feels", so fucking what? Hahah Just read the damn book and you'll see what I am trying to say ;)

Mix a cute kid and a dog + cat with some sexy characters, not to mention the Stalker that will always remind me to have eyes at the back of my head, you have a story that will get you obsessed and addicted.

"Baby, why wouldn't you think to call me? You are MINE now and that means I'm always here for you. If you are scared, I need to know. If you feel like something is off, babe, I need to know. I trust your instincts and wouldn't think it was nothing."

One part that I wasn't so head over heels with, the smoking.. Every time something hard is thrown their way, both Jake and Abby take a break and smoke. I have absolutely nothing against people smoking or using drugs, but I just didn't feel that it was necessary to do it so often? It did add an important element to the story, it's great, but I personality didn't find it so appealing. 

That is all though. That's the only negative thing, and you might not think that or you might agree. But one thing is for sure. You HAVE to, NEED to delve into Obsession. No doubt. Pick it up and you won't be sorry that you might be a little wounded when it comes to sleeping or being alone...

In a random way, reading this reminded me of the song Closer by Nine Inch Nails? Ever since I heard that song a few years back, I couldn't think but connect rough sex scenes with it, it was even mentioned in a book just before a chapter full of steamy scenes. Linking it to Obsession, that's exactly how I would describe the story in a nut shell if I could.

It has that raw element that the Stalker incorporates but at the same time, all throughout we get a fun but very realistic idea of the ups and downs in a relationship.

Let me know if I'm not the only girl gone crazy thinking this song - Link is how the story turns a "no exit" emotional journey when it comes to the Stalker..

Obsession is an easy read but it has so many interesting and unique elements that will make it the type of story that will had obsession as an understatement. I read it within a couple of sitting, but couldn't have easily done it in one if I had time.

Go, grab your copy, turn on 'Closer' and get ready to be submitted into a haunting, sexy and all round fun story. Watch out for the ending though. NEED the next one asap!!

Thank you Alice C. Hart for this creation!!


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