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Pressure Point by Olivia Luck REVIEW

Pressure Point

by Olivia Luck

"It's my pleasure," he says smoothly and I swear my pulse quickens in response. God, he's sex in a freakin' sweater.

Damn, this book was good!! If you're looking for an emotional story with humour and a realistic feel - look no further. That is basically an understatement to how beautifully well created Pressure Point is. I am so glad I was able to receive a review copy because this book will definitely be one to read over and over..

Heartfelt but steamy 4.5 Stars

Just from the prologue and the first two chapters we learn so much. It's not an overload of information in any possible way, it gave an insight into so much background story and the characters themselves. Sometimes I find it hard to keep going when the book just rambles on about someone's past, their personalities, their hobbies and everything in between. 

It's often more boring that fun to read. THIS BOOK? It's aneasily addictive but clearly well developed piece of writing. I seriously couldn't believe how easily I fell for Olivia Luck's writing! It was that easy going but sad and heartfelt talent which I keep close once I find - hoping that makes sense.. :)



Easy to follow



Sexy Dominant Male - ;)


Amazingly crafted main characters


Sad but Worth every tear...

There's both Blake's and Stella's point of view, which I absolutely loved. It's amazing to see how an author can have such completely different perspectives yet it felt so smooth throughout the entire book.

Blake is that protective, caring, fatherly brother that has his sister Zoe as a number one priority. Now, one would think that that would be the most generous gesture a loving soul would have. Which it absolutely is. But it can have certain consequences of it's own.. particularly when Stella appears in Blake's life.

"In the summer after my last year of college, I was thrust into instant fatherhood. A drunk driver killed Zoe's parents (our mother and her father).. I'll do everything in my power to protect her from pain again."

Throughout the entire story we are dealt first hand, with all that comes with looking after someone who you would never want to see hurt ever again. Having had their mother and her father die, Black took everything in him, mentally and physically, to be there for his sister - no matter what. That is were certain trouble comes his way.

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Zoe does have a certain vulnerability to her, especially after a shocking accident that completely turned her friendship with Stella on a 180'. Seeing Stella's best friends close down on her, and even in every attempt to try and try again to at least talk to her once in a while, she finally decides that it would be Zoe's turn to reach out when she is ready. This is were Stella's relationship with Blake is anything but simple.

"It takes all my self-control not to haul Stella over my shoulder and take her back to my bed. Where she belongs."

Evidently, from the moment that the two meet, there's a spark, an instant and cute but sexy attraction towards them...

As the years go by, and as Stella keeps telling herself that it would only make Zoe hate her if she becomes one of the many friends that dated her brother purely because of his fame and money, she can't forget Blake. No matter how hard she tries or how many years pass, it's just isn't possible!

I allow myself one second. One second to admire his confident gait. One second to appreciate his control in this uncontrollable environment. One second to fall in love with him a tiny bit more..

The same can be said about the man who is so overwhelmed with caring for his sister and thinking about Stella, that he does everything but he might actually need to..

Never let 'em see you sweat

That has always been his mantra for all intents and purposes. Sometimes he might have forgotten it but eventually it's always at the back of his mind. Until, again, it all comes back to his unmistakable but guarded feelings for Stella. 

For the first time in my life, I don't know what to do next. For the first time in my life, I literally ran from a problem that I created of my own volition. For the first time I want to take comfort in a women but I doubt she'll ever speak to me again..

He simply cannot keep pushing at his feelings and the inevitable that with be - him and Stella. It's just not possible.

When you think that they have it all worked out now.

Together at last. Check.

Zoe a phone call away. Check.

Zoe is safe. Check.

Blake is finally getting happier. Check.

Stella is happy too. Check

See, that's the thing about having two sides to every story...

From having that instant attraction at the age of 20 for Stella and 29 for Blake, to about 5 years later when their love & adoration has intensified and matured in a way..

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Towards the last third of the story, the distance and sort of abandonment that Stella felt Blake brought to their relationship was devastating. I didn't expect it and I certainly was shocked at what Blake had to say to her. It simply felt too real to be in a story and I absolutely LOVED that! It's rare to see a fictional romance have such realistic sense that nobody really expects or if they do, it's not that well written for it to actually be considered anything but a made up story.

But with PRESSURE POINT, it tests every ounce of your emotional stress and makes you reconsider what's truly important in your life..

"From the time that I took you to that concert to the time I nearly killed that loser you dated to this moment, it has always been you."

One aspect that made me rate it 4.5 was the minor part of the middle part of the relationship which felt like it was too one sided. I understand that that was there for a reason and that it was created to the T, but it was just too sad at one point.. I didn't want Stella to go through everything that she did, especially after what Blake through at her. But then again, it's only fiction right? Yeah, I keep telling myself that and yet I can't stop the emotions from overpowering my sanity in staying clear of battling for either of those two characters.. :)

This time when Stella walks past me, I catch a whiff of her floral scent, and I all but growl. It's been too damn long since I had my hands on her!

I wont say any more because I'm worried I might not be able to stop with how much I loved Blake and Stella's story. Even though most of the time I was frustrated with Blake. Even though I felt so heartbroken with what Stella was mentally going through. Even though I knew Zoe was a high priority. 

Despite everything, the roller-coaster of emotions this book brought is second to none when it comes to how it ended.

Both with a smile and a tear, I was glad that I was part of this couple journey even though it was anything but a simple relationship. 

And that ending? Oh dear God! 

"I got too caught up in the father role and not enough in the man-in-love role."

Thank you Olivia Luck for everything! I look forward in reading every book of yours even if my emotions have a price to pay!

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