Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Love & Forever Bound by Layla Stevens REVIEW

Broken Love and Forever Bound


"I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfections" - Drake

For a lover of all things dark, I couldn't wait to delve into Broken Love and Forever Bound. I was not disappointed either!!

It's one of those stories that from the very first page you are gripped into an emotional filled mindset, with anything but a light world of characters and their stories.. Though, I will say that it did have a few aspects to it that maybe made me less so addicted with it for the last third of the book.

It had all the elements that made it dark but interesting.

Love was a prominent part here, but at the same time, so was heartache..

When you have a rape victim, you know you will be reading a story with tears streaming down your face and your heart beating with anger at the cruel monsters who ever so much as think about doing it to anyone..


The only thing that Kayla has left, or so she thinks? It's simple. Faith...

"Faith Kayla," Patrice states. "the one thing that no one can ever take away is your faith. You can lose everything else in your life, but your faith is something that no man or woman can ever take from you. As long as you believe in faith you will always have someone and something in your corner backing you up."

I couldn't agree more!!

So often do we take for granted that even in the most cruel of circumstances or the most gruesome of moments, there is always a small thread of hope. Maybe it wont be visible because of the sheer panicked and scared mindset, but faith is what will bring you that little step closer in knowing that no matter what the outcome, if you hold on to that? You will be able to get through anything.

That's what I felt like reading Broken Love and Forever Bound.

I got addicted from the first moment that I landed my eyes on Kayla's broken story and the faith that she didn't know she had..

Dark doesn't even begin to cover not only the flashbacks that almost brought tears to my eyes every time, but from the ongoing battle that she had fighting off her past.

"Why would you think a guy would love you, you have been beaten with an ugly stick...So don't're nothing but a screwed up cunt... You're damaged goods.."

It was dark, twisted and all things of pure rawness.. Some might even say that there was too much of that element in here, and some might agree with them. But I? Well, I thought that it was just enough. I didn't mind the dark, twisted and raw element and as much as I wish it wasn't there so often because I didn't want to ever think of this happening to anyone, I was glad that it was there.

The story was done so beautifully well, that her past abuse and even some of the kinky sex scenes between other women as well, added to the overall effect in what the story was trying to portray. I loved that. It gave a breath of fresh air to an abuse based story that many might say was too much. I couldn't disagree more.

Dark + Sexy are in my POV always a good combination.

You get to understand and live with a persons mindset that may be broken and fucked up in a way, but at the same time, you ALSO experience how they manage to move on from it. Abuse victims or any time of sexual victims will ALWAYS have a grey cloud of their past following them around. That's not a question. It will always be there, no matter what.

In Kayla's case, her strong will in having faith in other but more importantly, herself, brought her back to a world that finally has less dark and more happy tears, love, laughter, fun.. A life worth living.

Yes the nightmares are there. They would probably always be there.

Yes she can't erase her horrible past. 

Yes her mindset will always be tainted a darker shade..



BUT, faith in love, trust and a new window of hope has brought her closer to knowing that a hiccup in her past, wont be the end of her.

Now. With the ever sexy and drool worthy male that always seems to push it's way through a story (not that I'm complaining. at all...), GARRETT.. that little bit of true sexiness is being brought back into her life.

She has her family, friends and now Garrett to show her a way of finding out what her life is meant to be like..

I don't remember ever being this mad before. Stanton brought out the beast and if he ever goes after Kayla again, I will do more than messing up his ugly face.

So, parts that I personally didn't really like.. There were perhaps too many misguided points of view that didn't mix well together? I hope that makes sense, but from about the middle of the story, the flow wasn't as amazing as was the beginning. It just did not feel as easy going as I was used to it which ultimately made it a little hard to follow and finish the story as fast as I expected considering how addictive it was.

I think that was the only personal issue that I had. Though, I did also find that the flashbacks between Kayla and other women were a little too much. It did add to understanding the overall story but I just thought that maybe it would have had the same effect in following her journey, if that aspect wasn't there. It was sexy to read and a change to the rape memories between the guys, but it just made the story slow down a little, at which point I often skipped a page or two..

Other than that, I loved the story. 

I touched my soul but that effect wasn't as strong as I was expecting it to be.

If you are looking for a dark and sad but lovable story, give this one a go. You won't regret it. Just be warned. It does contain a number of different raw, intense and somewhat graphic scenes that might not be everyone's cup of tea BUT, don't let that stop you from delving into an amazing story.

It will undoubtedly make you tear up, if not make you want to throw the book at the wall when it comes to scenes that have anger as an understatement. It was all sorts of bad but good at the same time.

Sinfully good maybe? ;)

Thank you Layla Stevens for this story that almost broke my heart into a million little pieces! It was a story that will stay with me for a long time.. Looking forward to the next one!!:) xx

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