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Title: Reawaken His Heart
Author: KL Myers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
I'm an asshole. I wasn't always this way; life has made me this way. I once believed in the good in all people, but then "life happened". I'm not religious; I don't believe in God. How can someone who created the world be so willing to take away life and all I believed in and loved?
I was young. I believed in love and forever. Brooklynn Marsden was my high school sweetheart. We grew up together in Phoenix and she became my wife. I loved life with her more than anything. Until it was over. Then I hated life and vowed I would never love a woman again.
Women became an outlet to release my pent-up frustrations. Wham bam thank you ma'am was the motto I lived for years.
Until Rylee.
Men are pigs. You heard me. Pigs. They are selfish and only concerned with what benefits them both in life and in bed. I believed in Prince Charming like every other little girl. Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, they all got the knight in shining armor who saved them from their dreary little lives and made them the happiest girls on the face of the earth.
Those were stories written for little girls, making them believe that one day a man would sweep them off their feet and worship them. BULLSHIT!!! All I've found are the court jesters and a bunch of cheaters.
Gone is the carefree girl who dreamed of fairy tales and believed in soul mates. In her place is the woman who trusts no one.
Until Braedyn.

5 stars*****

Sometimes you find a book you can't wait to gash about to your friends, even to a stranger in the near perimeter. Other times, it takes you a few moments to absorb what you just read, and to make you your heart is still intact. In this instance? With REAWAKEN HIS HEART? I didn't care if I had a heart or a soul left, even if my sanity was gone (whatever of it was left anyway) this story has taken control!!

I LOVED Braedyn & Rylee's STORY! Before we get lost in trying to explain all the emotions this book had stolen, lets just say a huge thank you to KL MYERS for creating this stunning book <3 No words or a review will ever do justice, lets just get that clear. 

OK first, that cover? *fans self*I mean LOOK at it!!? I don't know about you, but firefighters, men that run into the devils hands while everyone else runs away? And add to that SEXY men? Yeah... see? You're picking up drool too right? Don't worry, it's normal ;) lol

Everything about the writing drew me in. I couldn't stop flipping the pages, I wanted more, I NEEDED more of Braedyn's past and the tears that I knew would come when present came... His backstory almost had me thinking this smile wouldn't wither but we all know from reading the synopsis,  it isn't that easy.. At the same time, we saw a glimpse into Rylee's past and that just added to the hunger I had in figuring out what the hell would happen..

Connecting with the characters came as natural as knowing what favorite cup of coffee I pick up every morning. It's more obvious if you know me, and of all the cups I own, just ONE is right. Does that make sense? hahah 

This story had everything, it balanced the dark with the sweet. The author KNEW full well how to dive the reader deep into the angst and never quite let go until she saw you gasping for your breath. REAWAKEN HIS HEART too away my will to stop and place my kindle down. I couldn't do. It was around 5am when I finished reading it and I have no regrets for the double shift I had that day. 











I think it's fair to say, if you haven't gathered from my mismatched review, this is one book that needs to belong on your kindle!! Once you have it, God knows why you haven't already one clicked, come back here and we can draw out every possible detail... Drooling over a sexy alpha is just the beginning. We can see how our hearts cry over the story that will without a doubt hold you prisoner in touching that spot an author so rarely does. 

KL Myers? This is the very first book that I have read by you and now it will never be the last! I loved this story more than I can ever explain and ut into words, even though I am supposed to be a writer, I still don't know how to express my messed up emotions for this beautiful book!

Thank you for writing this. Thank you the way you write. And THANK YOU for creating Braedyn and Rylee's story. Truly, I love it <3


About the Author

KL Myers resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, David.
They have two daughters, Lindsey and Cassandra, and three grandchildren, Tristyn, Weston, and Wyatt.
She considers herself an Arizona native since she has lived there for over thirty years. However, she grew up as part of a military family, moving from place to place until her father retired in Colorado.
She currently works full-time as a VP for a bank and writes in her spare time. She loves reading all genres of romance novels, so it was destined that she would write them too.
When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys spending time in the high country with her husband, relaxing in the quiet.

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