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Title: Tormented
Series: Fallen Aces MC #3
Author: Max Henry
Genre:  MC Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2016
She’s perfect.

And broken, like you …  Unaware of how beautiful she is.
And how much worse her life could be …  She’s cast out for being different, misunderstood, or simply too complicated to bother with.
Just. Like. You …  She’s still perfect.
Because after all, you can’t break what’s already broken, and you can’t hurt what already suffers.
Or can you …?

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** 5 stars ***
Holy fuck! I'm speechless.. I admired Max Henry's writing from one of her very first books, I think she was the one that got me back into MC Romance. Ever since then, I didn't need to read a synopsis to know I will be adding her next put at the top of my TBR. There is something about her writing and bikers that makes you want to be stuck on an island and have practically no interruptions. 

With TORMENTED I think, in a strange way, I might have part of my soul broken for Sawyer and Abbey... There is only so much darkness that you can "try" to understand before it becomes the ONLY REASON for you to just know rather than "try to". Max Henry did that with this book. This in my Top 10 now - for whatever that is worth :) I have read beautifully heartbreaking dark stories, those are the kinds that my soul needs to feel alive (I know, I'm weird like that..) and TORMENTED has become my new favorite! 

I don't even need to mention Max Henry's writing, it's first class!!

With Sawyer and Abbey? Holy crap... You just need to know its the kinda story that will grab you by the heart, drunken your soul and then take over your sanity. And boy, that is only the start..

I LOVED Abbey! She is my sort of character. I connected with her on a personal level but even if that factor wasn't included, I still would love her kind personality, the darkness she has running through her veins and all the cracks of her heart that inevitable, takes over her control UNTIL she finds someone that truly sees far beyond what she wants everyone else to see. 

Sawyer - oh dear Lord - I honestly WISH I could find a real life MC with a man like him!! Jesus.. He had me picking up drool every few pages.. But holy shit. Hes story? It will give your goosebumps and then some. I absolutely balled my eyes out when we got to her his side and couple that with Abbey's? Yeah, I think it's clear to say I went through a lot of Kleenex and plenty of chocolate.. 

The way their relationship formed... how it kept together... the reasons they pushed from each other.. how their connected each of their individual demons... 

Every little detail of each of their life? It made this story BREATHE. 

It went beyond just a love story.

Love was a major factor but it wasn't the biggest.. 

Each had their own scars, and in my POV, it's how they stitched each others cracks that made it a STUNNING book. 

Some might say, keep your demons of a leash, keep them from ever leaving their cage.
Other's might add "what demons? just get over it.."

Sawyer and Abbey? They breathed in the souls of their demons and learnt to love them, to live with them, and use them.

Ahhh bloody hell! This story can never be justified through a mere review - ever!! It has far too much emotion to ever be just another book on your kindle or your shelf. I knew going in I woud at least like it, so far, Max Henry never dissapointed. But I was not prepared to have my heart ripped open and still feel this strong of a love for just two characters. 

It's just letters on a page. Words. They shouldn't mean this much to me. 

Yet they fucking do. Every single chapter had a hold of my tears, and my uncontrolled sanity.. 

I wish I could re-read this book without knowing what happens.











aThank you Max Henry for creating this world and these characters! THIS is the reason I love writing and reading - to find stories and characters that I wish were real... <3
“He sent you, then? Interesting.” The low resonance of his words ends on a lion’s purr.

I tip my head back to look into his bruised face—evidence he’s still working, still collecting for the reaper—as he blocks out the sun with his size. He’s over six-foot of bulk, which means my five-foot three petite stature fits snugly into his shadow. 

And as much as I’ve tried to tell myself my memory is a goddamn liar, it still comforts me.

“Apparently I fly below the radar.”

His eyes roam lazily over me, settling on the full sleeve I had tattooed a few weeks back. My breath hitches, betraying the fucking confidence I was trying for, as he reaches out and hooks a thick finger in the leg of my cut-offs. Breathe through it. Breathe. You’ve got through it without giving in before, you can do it again.

“Still getting’ around with your ass hangin’ out, Abbey-girl?”

“Did you think I only did it for you?” I mock.

“How long has it been, anyway?”

I chuckle, shifting my gaze back to his disturbingly beautiful face. He expects me to know how many weeks he’s been in Cali and blurt it out, giving away the fact I’m still painfully aware of him. Yeah, I know how long it’s been, but I ain’t playing that game … yet.

“No idea,” I answer, dealing the nonchalant card as I shrug my shoulders. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

His eyes darken as he reaches out and places both his meaty paws on my ass cheeks. I force a smile as his fingers skim the hem of my cut-offs where it slices a line over the firm globes. I close my eyes briefly as memories of how good it felt last time his hands were on me come in thick and fast. His touch trails up my back, dipping in at my waist, and pushing the hem of my tank up, exposing my flat stomach as he brings his palms to rest below the swell of my breasts. 

Just a few more minutes and he’ll be done. You can do it.

My fight or flight is going haywire. I need to get away, to place distance between us, but at the same time I’m disgusted on the most part by how easy it seems to keep my feet in place. Anyone else, and they’d be cradling a broken wrist for this, my go-to defense when unwanted hands get too close. But this isn’t just anyone—it’s Sawyer, and it seems that my body still doesn’t know how to lie.

I want it.

But I shouldn’t.

He still wants me.

And I should hate that.

But I’m waiting to see what he does next.

Too much at once, Abbey.

“Still tellin’ the truth, I see,” he teases, swiping his thumbs over my pert nipples before he lets go and steps back.

The sun lances across my face, forcing me to look down to save my eyes watering up. “You want to know why he sent me yet?” I draw a deep, equalizing breath.

“Because you begged him to come?” God, he’s always been such an arrogant bastard.


He juts his chin forward, and his tongue peeks out, running along the ridge of his teeth. “What then?”

“War is on, Pretty Boy.” I smile. “It’s time to take daddy down.”
Max is the author of dark, and highly emotional romance. Her Butcher Boys series is centered around a group of ex-street kids who have teamed up with an indebted motorcycle club to take down a notorious drug lord. And her new series, the Fallen Aces MC, is a spin-off from this dark and dangerous world. Her writing has been described as 'gripping', and 'addictive', taking you on an 'emotional roller coaster ride'.

Originally born and bred in New Zealand, Max now resides with her family in beautiful and sunny Queensland, Australia. Life with two young children can be hectic at times, and although she may not write as often as she would like, Max wouldn't change a thing. When she's not engrossed in her dark and twisted fictional worlds, she can be found enjoying the outdoors while 4wd-ing with her family.


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