Sunday 8 November 2015

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Title: Jock
Author: CM Foss
Release Date: Nov 2, 2015
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She can't stand them.
Hates them.
Refuses to be one.

Tessa Brooks is strong-willed, sassy, and determined, on the brink of dominating in the testosterone-fueled sport of horse racing. She’s spent her life avoiding the norm, staying true to herself to achieve her ultimate goals.

Her relationship with Jace Hitchen, her brother's best friend, just might be the biggest cliche of all. Over the years, he’s been her protector, her annoyance, her confidante, her crush. But giving in to what she's really wanted for the last ten years could be the very thing that destroys everything she's worked for and wanted. Can Tessa achieve her dreams for the future, but still hold on to the past?


Having always had a love for horses, I couldn't have been excited to delve in this one. It also doesn't hurt that I love those romance stories with the brothers best friend and the girl who always had a crush on him.. I just can't stay away from that. 

JOCK is a great story that had so many amazing elements which made it so addictive and fun to read.

Tessa and Jace.

We have Tessa who will do anything to achieve what she sets out to do, and riding horses has always been her dream.

Then we add Jace to the mix, the guy who will do anything to protect the girl who he always had his eyes set on..

From here on out we get a story that only gets faster and more addictive as the pages move forward. LOVED IT. I couldn't put it down even when work was calling. I honestly didn't feel like working and I loved my job so that's how strongly I connected with these characters and their story. Sigh. JOCK definitely brings back a lot of childhood/younger memories.. That one guy that lived across the street, who you never really though you liked but then he gave you your first teddy bear for your birthday? Yeah, that kinda makes it hard not to connect with the emotional side when it comes to Tessa and Jace's development..

I only wish that the story was a little longer, because I didn't want it to end.. Still now, writing this review, I wish I could get more of their life's story..

Thank you C M Foss for the ARC of a book that not only made me grin like an idiot almost all the way throughout (not to mention those heartbreaking moments that accounted for the rest..) but for bringing back dormant memories that reminded me of a better time in life.. That time where love for so honest and innocent that it made you want to only have that in your life.. It was as untouched as it was strong, and JOCK without a doubt, proved to be that type of LOVE story. 








CM Foss is a hopeless romantic with a love for the written word. When she was little, her mom would ration her books so she wouldn’t go through them too quickly. It didn’t matter, she would just re-read. She’s always been an avid equestrian, competing in the top levels of Three Day Eventing by age seventeen. CM now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and kids where they own and operate their own equestrian business, as well as raising grass-fed, sustainable meats. She doesn’t have this thing people call “free time”, but she does spend a weird amount of time writing, reading, playing with her kids, milking goats, and drinking wine, while avoiding bananas at all costs. Other books by CM Foss include Shiver, Swoon, and City Beautiful.

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