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FREE TO FLY by Morgan Reeves ***BLOG TOUR***

Title: Free to Fly
Author: Morgan Reeves
Release Date: Nov 3, 2015
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Our secrets define us.
I’ve run far to escape my past. Eight years and almost two thousand miles lie between me and the horror that consumes me. My life is a series of superficial relationships and closed doors designed to keep me safe. I will never let myself become the person I was. That girl is dead, and in her place is a woman who guards her inner self fiercely. I’m not going to let anyone breach those hard earned barriers. Not even him.
But when those secrets come home to roost, I have to decide what I’m willing to risk for my happily ever after. When the evil I left behind finds me, I have to choose. Will I succumb to the girl I was and crumble under the pressure? Or can I break the cycle and finally be free to fly?



Trying to gather my emotions here..

Holy. Bloody. Hell. I am still on a book hangover and to be honest, I don't think I'll be able to get rid of my emotional connection with FREE TO FLY any time soon. Not having any expectations, I was purely zoning in on how intriguing the synopsis sounded. Then begins the process of trying to read a story at every free time possible, with a hectic atmosphere all around you BUT it had to be done. This is one of those books that you wish you knew you could have saved those spare couple of hours without distractions because Morgan Reeves is a sneaky author. With he debut novel, I could not understand how in the world I was so addictive to a mere story that I thought would simply be another romance with a little erotic element to it..

How bloody wrong was I.

This is your one true warning: DO NOT proceed with Zoe + Logan's story without promising yourself that you will try to keep sane throughout and if possible after you're done. Also, make sure you are not distracted IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. Trust me, you'll be thanking this review's warning later. 

Ok. Now. How do you review a book that touched so many emotional triggers and made sure to have left me a blubbering mess of an idiot that forgets to have tissues and some form of a glass of wine when dealing with THIS type of story? Ugh. If only I knew. It was WORTH EVERY LAST TEAR and near HEARTBREAK.

I loved Zoe and Logan from the very beginning. That doesn't happen often as I tend to unintentionally find little and sometimes big flaws in both main characters. Not here though. Not one bit and that's so damn hard to admit as I don't want it to seem as if I'm sugarcoating anything - ever. 

It was just so easy to feel connected with a girl who has a mask of strength above the broken pieces that are yet to be picked up and somehow mended back together.

And with Logan, firstly, how can you not be interested in reading a little more about that sexy, handsome as hell and all things "sweet baby jesus" type of personality? He is definitely the type of character that can only be formed in books, though that might not be 100% true. Morgan Reeves wrote his character in such a clever and precise way that thinking he will be popping out of the pages any second was a near possibility.All I am trying to say, the author wrote him in such a way that it made me WANT and NEED to find my very own Logan.. 

Sigh. The struggles of perfect book boyfriends are 130% real and almost painful to bare.

Back to the story and trying to get my head out of the gutter ( ;P ), we follow a road where one life is trying to live, trying to become a beating heart WITH a soul that isn't always so clouded with grey.. A life that wants to move away from a past that has done far too much damage to ever be considered fixable.

Then, we have another life that is trying to perfect his way of knowing of what he wants with what he should be wanting or doing.. Constantly trying to live in a successful life, he finds himself trying to figure out if her life will finally bring his very own to were it belongs..













FREE TO FLY is a story that will bring out a whole new you, or at least, as it did with mine, it will without a doubt become an addictive touch upon your soul.. I know that might sound cheesy, but you not fall head over heels with a book that is something completely different to what you might have read before. No not read, experienced. Free to fly is an EXPERIENCE with very dark and tear jerking struggles all of which reveal a story that with it's many twists and turns, will have your heart thanking you.. even though it will be broken in half.

Better a broken happy heart than one that consumed a story without a second glance at the emotions that it didn't feel. 

Thank you SO MUCH Morgan Reeves for an ARC of a gorgeously dark story that I wont ever be able to forget. It touched my messed up soul so it will surely do at least that to everyone else that has their hands on it. I cannot believe this was your debut novel!! Holy hell!! You have some talent, like no other. 

Thank you again for creating a perfect emotional characters that have given me so much to think about. Loved it beyond words..

I took the envelope, and our fingertips brushed. My breath caught. It was unbelievable that such a small touch could affect me so much, but there I stood, my heart pounding in my chest and a heated flush working its way up my neck. He was standing way too close to me, and I swayed as lust hit me full force.
He caught my hand before I could jerk away and brushed his thumb across my knuckles in a soft gesture that left my skin tingling. Emotions flitted through me so fast I couldn’t make sense of them. An ache started in my chest, and I searched his tender expression, confused. How had we gone from jesting to this?
I was in way over my head with this man.
I closed my eyes as the enormity of the situation hit me. I couldn’t pretend this was all about sex anymore. Not with his affection shining through so clearly.
Just as I was about to tell him to let go, he sucked in a ragged breath and stepped away before clearing his throat.
I opened my eyes and stared at him, bewildered.
“Have a good night, Zoe,” he said and went back to sit at his desk.
I almost asked him what happened, but I decided against it. I’d asked for this, hadn’t I? He was respecting a rule I had put in place.
As desire pulsed through me, I cursed my own stupid rule. I was officially an idiot. I sighed as I fled the office in sexual frustration, not even bothering with a goodbye.
Morgan Reeves currently lives in the middle of Iowa, surrounded by lots of cornfields and people with a fanatic love for college football. Her heart, however, will always belong to California. She has two Minions to call her own and a husband who may or may not think she’s insane. Morgan loves to read romance in any genre, and she loves to chat books. She also loves Facebook, so feel free to stalk her at or add her as a friend on her personal page. She’d love to hear from you! Free to Fly is her first published book, and is the first in a series of interconnected standalones.

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