Sunday 20 December 2015

HOME by Melissa Pearl *** REVIEW ***

Chilling in the best way. A love story with a dark twist..


Home (Songbird, #4)

A love story that will not only break your heart, but it will be relentless in the way that it does..

When you read a romance story you often find yourself laughing or almost tearing up at many cliche moments. Sometimes, those rare times, you stumble upon a romance that touches your heart and breaks into a million little pieces. HOME was on another level.

Melissa Pearl created a world that, I think, would make anyone want to delve into it and make it become their reality. With Rachel and Josh you get a glimpse into a life that you can LITERALLY FEEL with your soul. I'm not kidding. Their personalities alone are strong and different to one another, which I think is what made this such a fun read. I adored moments that they were so in love I was grinning like an idiot at their banters..

BUT. Having Josh and Rachel together? Their relationship is enviable in every sense of the word though with certain darker elements and sad moments which make it not undesirable but realistic in a way?

Love is one of the best feelings in the world. Once you have it or you know how strong it can be, it can make even the darkest of lives that bit brighter. Love is amazing, and when you find the one that completes that piece that you can feel all the way to your soul, it's incredible.

Love can also be the polar opposite. A completely downfall.

Love can destroy you at the same time that it can make you wish you never felt it..

With Rachel and Josh's story we get a glimpse into both of those parts. The good and the bad. It's a balance I guess you could say, but it wasn't fun, as a reader, going through all those tears, gasps, jaw drops and "nearly throwing the kindle against the wall" moments. It wasn't fun but it was worth it.

I adored every second that I was engrossed into this story. Only thing I wish that in my personal opinion could have been different, the way the story ended.. But I guess it wouldn't be an amazing read if the ending was expected right? I didn't dislike it, far from it, it just wasn't what I thought would happen.

Other than that, this story deserves so much recognition for creating a fictional world that touched my heart and soul in the most realistic of ways.

I loved how Josh was with Rachel, he is the type of personality that ANY girl would happy to have as the ONE, the last boyfriend that ticks every box you never really knew you had. My heart broke so much when she left him.. I didn't hate her for doing what she did even after the initial "why" reaction, because I knew that she would realize soon enough.. her mistakes.. She would grow from them, but whether Josh will be ready and willing to forgive her is a whole different story.

They love each other wholeheartedly, with every ounce of their fiber. But is love enough?

Is love the answer even when mistakes take their turn in tearing it apart?

Will trust be an afterthought when that is also you really have left?

So many questions kept ticking in my mind throughout this entire journey, and that's another part that I loved.

Before I spoil anything else, I just wanted to THANK Melissa Pearl in being able to provide an ARC of a love story that will forever hold a wounded part of my heart. I couldn't have asked for a better chilling story to get me through a certain time in my life and that's not sugarcoating anything. I cannot wait to read more of your work :)


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