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Title: Reawken His Heart
Author: KL Myers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 21
I'm an asshole. I wasn't always this way; life has made me this way. I once believed in the good in all people, but then "life happened". I'm not religious; I don't believe in God. How can someone who created the world be so willing to take away life and all I believed in and loved?
I was young. I believed in love and forever. Brooklynn Marsden was my high school sweetheart. We grew up together in Phoenix and she became my wife. I loved life with her more than anything. Until it was over. Then I hated life and vowed I would never love a woman again.
Women became an outlet to release my pent-up frustrations. Wham bam thank you ma'am was the motto I lived for years.
Until Rylee.
Men are pigs. You heard me. Pigs. They are selfish and only concerned with what benefits them both in life and in bed. I believed in Prince Charming like every other little girl. Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, they all got the knight in shining armor who saved them from their dreary little lives and made them the happiest girls on the face of the earth.
Those were stories written for little girls, making them believe that one day a man would sweep them off their feet and worship them. BULLSHIT!!! All I've found are the court jesters and a bunch of cheaters.
Gone is the carefree girl who dreamed of fairy tales and believed in soul mates. In her place is the woman who trusts no one.
Until Braedyn.

It’s been a week since that night I found her. Rylee, that is. I remember her name. I feel her in my arms. And I can’t seem to forget her face.
I’ve dreamt of her, naked and spread out on my bed while I fuck her so hard and fast my balls are slapping against her ass. Hot, pounding lust spirals through me, and my dick grows hard when I think of her.
It’s why every time I’m at the hospital, I check up on her. I was surprised to find that she was still there, and when I heard she was in a coma, I panicked. I don’t know what it is about her, but I’m obsessed when it comes to her. When I found out she blacked out after they got her in the ambulance and that she hadn’t regained consciousness, I started to have flashbacks of Brooklyn. All those old feelings started coming back to me. It was gut-wrenching. I needed to know she was OK, so every day, I’d stop by and check on her to see if she was awake.
Over the years, I became friends with most of the nursing staff. Well, only the single ones, and friends isn’t exactly the right term to describe my relationship with them. But nonetheless, they are always happy to see me and more than willing to answer my questions.
After a couple of days, I started to get worried. There was no reason my raven-haired beauty should be in a coma. Her head injuries were serious but not serious enough to cause her to be unresponsive. Her MRIs were clear as well. When I arrived, two nights ago, Betty told me she had regained consciousness earlier that day and that the doctor had given her a clean bill of health and would be releasing her soon if everything remained the same. Tonight, I’m here again, standing in the hallway by her room. Betty is asking me if I have the day off tomorrow and if I want to get something to eat when I see movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn to look into Rylee’s room and see her roll over to face the door. Her eyes open. They lock on with mine, and I smile at her. I can tell she is still sleepy, but those eyes of hers sucker-punch me in the gut the minute they meet mine. Fuck, what the fuck am I feeling for this girl? Why does she have this effect on me? I see her close her eyes again and know I have got to get out of there while I can. So I do the only thing I can think of, which is to leave. I run as fast as I can away from her.
I’m back at the station working out, trying to get some of the pent-up frustration out, when Scott comes over to stand next to the bench I’m lying on.
“So you want to tell me what has you freaked the fuck out, bro?” I just look at him
“No.” One word is all I’ve got for him, but that fucker can’t let it go.
“I know you stop by to see that girl every time we are at the hospital. You don’t think I see you disappear for a few minutes every time? I haven’t asked, because frankly, it’s none of my business, but today is different, so spill it, jackass. Tell me what’s eating you.”
I don’t answer just yet. I finish my last set before I place the bar back in its holder and rise.
“Not much to say,” I tell him. “I just wanted to make sure everything was OK with her, and that’s all there is to it.”
With and evil smirk, Scott says, “Bullshit, you have never once followed up on any patient you have treated at a scene.”
My eyes shoot directly to his. “What are you saying, Scott?”
“You didn’t even treat this girl. You found her and called for help, so what’s the deal? You’ve taken an interest in her. I’ve only seen that look of concern on your face once before, and that was when everything went down with Brooklyn, bro, so what is it about this girl that has you looking like your kitten just got hit by a car?”
“Fuck you, dude,” I snap. “I don’t have a kitten, and if it got hit by a car, it’d be road kill, and that would be the end of that.” I give him a shit-eating grin and stand up.
“Look, I just wanted to make sure she was OK, that’s all.” I turn to walk away, then hoping he’ll let it go, I add, “I stopped by today and saw Betty. She told me the girl is fine. She woke up a couple of days ago. They want to keep her for maybe two more days, but then they’ll discharge her. Is there anything else inquiring minds would like to know?” I flip him the middle finger and walk away.
“I’m leaving the station and head home. My thoughts are everywhere but where they should be, and I don’t even realize I’m at the hospital until I put the truck in park. Damn, it’s become second nature to me to head here. I stare out the window, waging a war within myself. My head is telling me to get the fuck home, while my heart is telling me to see her. Against my better judgment, my heart wins, and I head inside.
All the way up in the elevator, I keep second-guessing my decision. I know I shouldn’t be here and that this will only end badly for both of us. Hell, I don’t even know if she will remember who I am. I try to justify my presence by just introducing myself and telling her I was just checking up to make sure she was OK. I don’t need her to know I was there every day and that I have been watching her since she woke up, so I put on my game face and exit to her floor when the doors open.
When I get to her room, I knock on the door before I walk in. She’s watching TV, but her eyes break away from the screen to see who is entering her room. I watch a smile break across her face when she sees me. My fucking heart skips a beat at that moment, and I stumble a step. I make it to the chair by her bed and sit down.
“Do you remember who I am?” I ask her. She nods her head.
“Yes, I remember you. You are the man who pulled over to help me. Thank you very much.” My heart is beating hard in my chest.
“My name is Braedyn,” I tell her, and she smiles back at me.

About the Author

KL Myers resides in Peoria, Arizona, with her husband, David.
They have two daughters, Lindsey and Cassandra, and three grandchildren, Tristyn, Weston, and Wyatt.
She considers herself an Arizona native since she has lived there for over thirty years. However, she grew up as part of a military family, moving from place to place until her father retired in Colorado.
She currently works full-time as a VP for a bank and writes in her spare time. She loves reading all genres of romance novels, so it was destined that she would write them too.
When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys spending time in the high country with her husband, relaxing in the quiet.

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