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Can't Stop Fate
by Debra Kayn

Series: Ronacks Motorcycle Club #4

Genre: MC Romance




Mel Davis pledged his life to Ronacks Motorcycle Club as a sixteen-year-old runaway. He's committed his share of crimes through the years as he went from prospect to lifer, but none more dangerous than falling in love with Raelyn and her son, Dukie. Then, one night, he makes a decision that will forever change his life. And, he has no one else to blame but himself.

Five years after the death of her husband, Raelyn Williams has settled into managing the club-owned Pine Bar & Grill. The love, support, and protection she receives from Ronacks while being a single mom raising the son of a deceased Ronacks member provides her with everything she needs. Until, her wild mom, eccentric Grandma June, and her younger brother arrive at the bar out of the blue in a beat-up motorhome, complicating her life and disrupting her safe haven. Maybe their craziness is rubbing off on her because she suddenly finds Mel too sexy, too tempting, too dangerous.

There's no way she'll compromise herself by getting involved with another biker again. The club always comes first, and it only takes one dangerous activity for her to lose another person she loves.

She won't do it.

She can't.


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Raelyn glanced at Mel once she sat behind the desk, putting space between her and the biker. Lately, she'd become aware of depending on him too much. The feelings he evoked in her were too appealing and reminded her of how it was to be married. Even the frustration of never knowing when he'd show up. If he'd be late coming home. Or, how he knew exactly how to push her buttons.

 At six foot two inches tall, a solid two hundred pounds, Mel had practically grown up with her during her twenties. He was three years younger than her, and during her marriage, she'd viewed him as an irresponsible man who partied hard, wasted his money, and used his status within the club to get his fill of women. But, during the time she'd grieved for Duke, had her son on her own, Mel had stepped forward and looked out for her. Though some days it felt like they'd gone in too different of directions to remain friends.

She became needier. He became more responsible.

Mel sat down on the couch in her office and stretched his legs. She bit her lip taking in his muscled thighs. He'd come back from his run with the club heavily whiskered and even more appealing. If it were only the fact that she was sex deprived and she found Mel sexy, she would've dealt with the problem months ago. Maybe even years ago.

At thirty-one years old, her brain told her she was still young enough to go out and find a good guy to fall in love with, who would be a good father for Dukie and settle down to enjoy a good life as a small family. Her heart told her that she had the best family already and not to wish for more or risk everything she had in her life. The Ronacks Motorcycle Club provided her with everything she needed. If she married outside the club, she'd lose the security they provided.

She shook the hair out of her face. Except, sex. God, she missed sex.

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About the Author

Debra Kayn is the author of the Bestselling Bantorus MC series, Moroad MC series, Red Light: Silver Girls series, Hard Body series, Playing For hearts series, and a huge backlist of books. She lives with her family in the Bitterroot Mountains of beautiful Northern Idaho where she enjoys the outdoors, the four seasons, and small-town living.


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