Monday 3 April 2017



Pretty Mobster

By Cara Chance

Cover by JM Walker


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This is a short story with Instalove, mobster storylines, and hot, wild sex.

Sometimes the prettiest of people can be the ugliest.
He may be nice to look at, but the things he does aren't very nice at all.
A mobster.
A monster.
A man destined to ruin my life.

Her fiery attitude gets on my nerves.
But, she's the one person I won't let go.
When the opportunity arises, I'll do whatever it takes to make her mine.
I'm a mobster.
I'm a monster.
And she's destined to ruin my life.


I was born with a bit of steel forged into my bones. My father was a criminal. One of the biggest and baddest mob bosses Texas had ever seen. I’d like to say it made it easy for me. Respect was dished out on a silver platter, and I never had to work too hard for anything.

My father made sure I was primed in the ways of taking over the “family” business when he retired.

Although, he didn’t retire. Instead he was murdered by his right hand man. Shot point blank between the eyes, his brains painting the wall of the dirty hotel he was found in. Killed by a man he trusted, idiot. You can’t trust anyone in this business. And, now the fat bastard is serving three life sentences up in San Quentin. And, I was left to pick up the pieces.

I didn’t mind, but it made me think long and hard about what I was actually doing.

Did I want to follow in his footsteps and lead the same type of life. Doling out criminal activities for breakfast. Hurting people for lunch. And, let’s not forget breaking every law in the book for dinner.

It was a menu I was growing tired of.

I wanted something more.

Something different that didn’t involve breaking people’s fingers for lack of payment.

I wanted sophistication.

I wanted to earn my respect.

I’m Dalton Ridge and they call me the pretty mobster.

But, sometimes pretty can be ugly.

About The Author

Cara Chance enjoys writing steamy short stories about love, passion, and alphamales. Always with a HEA, she delivers a punch of forbidden with each book.

From Boston, she enjoys her time reading, hanging out with friends, and shopping.

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