Monday 27 March 2017

SHIVERING FEAR By Tressa Morris Hern ***SIGNED COPY***


Tressa Morris Hern

It wasn't long ago that I connected with this amazing author, her writing is purely beautiful. It also didn't take long to fall head over heels with SHIVERING FEAR. I mean, how can you not. I might only be a little over half way, but if it wasn't for time restraint, I'd be inhaling every word until the very last page. Soon..

Now, I don't know how often I can say that a 'thank you' would never be enough, but it truly is always a privilege when a SIGNED COPY is sent from an author. I don't know what I ever do to deserve any ARC's or signed copies. The grin on my face always gets a little more infectious upon realizing I get the chance to hold not just the physical book of a story I fell in love with, but a signed copy too. 

That small detail, that tinny signature or a note, something about that permanently marked at the start of the book? *insert heart melting with happiness HERE*

Ever since I was a tinny freckled little girl, I gravitated towards books like any other child would to a new toy. So now, being a blogger, reviewer and writer, meeting authors that are stunning and a little weird like me, each to their own way? Someone please pinch me?! 

I will probably keep on rambling, it's quite normal for me.. yeah.. now you know :) 

Long story short, I just wanted to send huge THANK YOU to the stunning Ms Tressa. I can't stop staring at my Sam Matthews copy.. *smiles like an idiot*


Want to delve into Sam and Michelle's story, I don't think you really have an option considering they NEED to already be on your TBR, then here is a little more about them. 

Shivering Fear (blurb):

Michelle Jackson and Sam Matthews are a young couple in love, having been brought together in a backdrop of family-owned corporate drama. An inexperienced Michelle gives herself over to Sam even though he's unsure of staying in a relationship with her whilst having to deal with fallout from his father's gambling problem and its detrimental effect on the family business. 

When Michelle is kidnapped by those to whom Sam's father owes money, will all bets be off? 

Can their love survive the threats of Chicago's underworld thugs, let alone the appearance of one handsome Alex Mason?

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If you would like to take a look at the full AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT on another blog post which includes SNIPPETS from Shivering Fear? And a little snippet from the prequel to it, Shivering Heat? Just click here

Review of both books, coming soon...


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