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Tressa Hern

Tressa Morris Hern is a North American contemporary romance writer.

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Shivering Fear
Michelle Jackson and Sam Matthews are a young couple in love, having been brought together in a backdrop of family-owned corporate drama. An inexperienced Michelle gives herself over to Sam even though he's unsure of staying in a relationship with her whilst having to deal with fallout from his father's gambling problem and its detrimental effect on the family business. When Michelle is kidnapped by those to whom Sam's father owes money, will all bets be off? Can their love survive the threats of Chicago's underworld thugs, let alone the appearance of one handsome Alex Mason?


She watched him while he ate. His cheekbones were angular and his eyes were slightly almond shaped. His shoulder-length hair framed his face. All that, along with his mesmerizing personality, made him a dreamy sort of handsome. Penne’s summation of Alex had been correct. There was also the fact that, unlike Sam, Alex was here. She needed someone, too.
Suddenly, she realized he was looking back at her. “What, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.
            Alex set the dip down. “Nothing’s wrong. I was just thinking that Sam is one lucky guy.”
            A rush of heat washed over her neck and chest. “Alex, you shouldn’t say things like that. I need to talk to you about yesterday, at Solange.”
            “When Penne kissed me? Telling me to stay away from you? I got her message. She has nothing to do with us.”
            “Alex, there is no us.”
            “Oh, there’s something.” He looked directly into her eyes. “It may not be an ‘us’ but it’s something.”         

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Shivering Heat
**The prequel to “Shivering Fear.”

She couldn’t fight,

Couldn’t escape.

Forced to endure a home invasion robbery while her boyfriend is beaten,
Elyse August was frozen in fear.

At a point of moving forward or falling to the wayside, Reid Jamison is the catalyst that drives her to do just that.

To trust, move forward.

Enjoy this story of sexy witty characters as they experience intense attraction, infallible loyalty, humor and corporate greed.


Reid Jamison to Elyse August..
“Yes, I am thirsty.”

“I’m going to have some wine.”

“All right.” I reached for my dress. 

He swiftly grabbed my wrist. “Please don’t cover up.” He gazed at me from head to toes. “You are more beautiful than I imagined.”

I was sure I was grinning like a schoolgirl. “You imagined me?” 

He smiled that confident, lusty grin at me. “From the first moment that I saw you. I have imagined you.” 

I stared at him. “What, what do you mean?” 

He puckered his lips. “I saw you first, Elyse.”


“Oh yes. My eyes watched you from the moment you stepped off the elevator.” He was looking quite satisfied with himself. “I watched you sit outside of the H.R. office. When you finally looked up and our eyes met, I knew I had to find you.”

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