Tuesday 27 October 2015

Beautifully Dirty Series by Paige Steele is LIVE!!!


#RidinDirty by Author Paige Steele​ 
is now LIVE!!!! 

As Cooper and Ryan encounter injuries that could change their lives forever, Ansley sits praying for their recoveries.
Ryan struggles to accept the fate of his career, and turns down a path that others didn’t see coming. He finds himself spinning out of control with the feeling of being lost and wanting what he once had. 

Ansley has always known that Cooper was someone special to her but now she’s seeing him in a whole new light. She’s always been scared to take a step towards love with the one person that could completely break her heart. When a life changing event happens, she starts to sees things more clearly than ever before. 

Cooper tries to find the strength to rebuild his career and the love he thought he’d never have. Lovin’ a woman for the night has always come easy to him but now he finds himself in love with his best friend and suddenly it seems like it’s the hardest thing to do. 

Will one career end while another takes off? Will two best friends take a chance on love with each other? Or will Cooper’s wild ways hinder what happens in his future? Or will they start…Lovin’ Dirty? 


The Series

Book #1 Dirty Friends (Only $.99) 

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