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PRE-RELEASE TOUR ***Want*** by Emma Rider

Title: Want
Author: Emma Rider
Genre: MMA Fighter Romance
Release Date: October 14, 2015

Savage in the cage.

Savage in the bedroom.

Powerful. Brutal. Mixed Martial Artist, Ryland “The Savage” Cole doesn’t play by the rules. He wants it. He takes it. And he wants Jade.
Professional cuddler Jade has not only been hurt but also deceived by the one she once loved. She’s not going to make a mistake again by giving her heart to a man. Especially since she’s now free.
When a motorcycle club threatens her best friend, she puts her life on the line in order to save him, but in order to do that, she must spend every night in Ryland’s arms.

His eyes were the same gray as my illegal 9mm I had stashed in my bedside table for easy reach whenever I went to sleep at night. The color wasn't exactly as sleek and pristine as silver but the chrome of weapon - a weapon that could've been used for destruction or defense, however the owner chose to utilize it. I wasn't sure if Ryland himself was a destroyer or a protector, but I knew he was LETHAL.

How many times do I have to convince myself that sexy, domineering alpha males can only ever call for trouble when it comes to my sanity? I mean, it's not really fair that Ryland Cole gets to be all sorts of a SAVAGE both in and out of the cage and all we are left with is an emotional mess that doesn't know what to do after there's no more Ryland..




Alpha male.





Action packed.


In WANT we get story that tears your heart and mindset open. Running away from your past is not as easy as some might think, but what is even harder? Trying to stay alive while a debt is hanging above your head. 

An MMA fighter who without so much as trying can make any girl swoon, but what he really WANTS is her. That girl. Jade. The one person that he shouldn't want..

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Jade breaks many of her firmly set rules when it comes to Ryland, and from that point we get so see a slow but ever so addictive transformation, one that will bring all sorts of a roller coaster ride into the mix. He is every bit of that drool, worthy, tall, handsome, filthy mouthed and all round bad ass perfection that ANY girl would be head over heels to have or rather keep as hers for a long time. It was easy, oh so very easy, to see how Jade's jaw dropped at everything and anything to do with him and that was BEFORE she even met the real Ryland, the inside of his mind was as messed up, heartbreaking and dark as you might never have guessed going from his "Neanderthal" ways of acting around Jade. 

He kissed my response away then declared, "I'll take your body, then I'll have your mind. I'll take everything, Jade. I want everything, and you'll give it to me one way of another, sometime soon."

Jesus. If your panties aren't soaking wet after you get a little (ahem.. nothing could ever be little about Ryland but for writing sakes..) glimpse this god sent creature.. *picks up drool* Yes, I did fall for a fictional character and yes I am still recovering from trying to pick up my not so very sane pieces of my mind and heart. BUT in my defense? ... .. Oh who am I kidding. Loving Ryland needs no explanation.. 

With emotions and sexual tension running high during every moment that these two so much s sense they are in the same space, an addictive sexy read turns into a dark, heart-wrenching, fun and drool worthy Ryland filled story which will only make you crave more and more!!

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I loved that I was s easily able to get lost in the story, and that's a hard thing to do since I've read a countless number of MMA or fighter books which may have a similar backbone that can often make it less than exiting or a breath of fresh air. With WANT though, you get everything that you are looking for in an all consuming and adoringly sinful story.. 

There wasn't really anything that I could fault so much as just thinking that maybe the attraction between them at the beginning could have been a little more developed? It's just one of those aspects that maybe I wish wasn't missing, or just in my point of view something that could have been more prominent. Like I said, it's nothing major at all but it did stand out enough for me to be able to remember it throughout and at the end of the story, but it didn't take away from my overall loving and addiction to this gorgeous book!!

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I cannot bloody wait for the next book by Emma Rider and if it's anything as soulful, drool worthy and heartbreaking as WANT? I think my sanity doesn't really have a chance in surviving.. It's all worth it though!

Thank you so much, Emma Rider, for proving an ARC copy!!


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The announcer said, “Your winner tonight by way of TKO is Ryland ‘Savage’ Cooooolllle.”
Ryland’s arm was lifted high.
The crowd cheered, and I whistled and clapped along with them. Then I froze as Ryland’s grays ensnared mine. Something powerful gleamed in them. Something predatory, and I was unable to tear away.
A thought crossed my mind. Should I run because of the way he was looking at me? I’d never had anyone look at me like that before. Not any of the menacing women in the prison who were picking their teeth with bones nor my ex when we were in the peak of our relationship. Ryland’s look was scary but another kind of scary. A pure sexual scary, and I kind of liked it.
My insides quivered, and my body ached for him. Sexual tension was a cunning enemy, always present, and I had ignored it since I’d met Ryland. But at the moment, I felt that I was going to blow if he came near me.
He moved, his body a ripple of power as he stalked toward me, ignoring the crowd seeking his attention. A reporter with a death wish stepped in front of him, cutting off his path.
Ryland halted to shoot the man a glare. The reporter changed his mind fast and scurried out of Ryland’s way. Coach threw his hands in the air, shouting at Ryland to stay, but was ignored. Ben must have had iron balls to put a hand on Ryland’s shoulder, but Ryland shot his grays to him, and Ben lifted his hands and backed off slowly.
My jaw had already dropped but fell even more when Ryland vaulted himself up the cage’s chain link, over the edge, and leaped to the ground, his knees bent to soften the impact. The spell broke when people swarmed him like flies, and I lost sight of him.
Tyeesha gave my hand a quick squeeze, mumbling, “Oh Lord, someone has it baaad.”
Who had it bad? Me or him? Because I freaking had it bad. I needed to get the hell out of here before he caught me. As I decided to run far away, maybe Hawaii or someplace farther, I watched the unfortunate person in front of me get tossed aside, and Ryland’s T-shirt-clad body materialized two inches from my face. I cranked my head back and froze.
The lights flashed behind him, and I blinked quickly. The crowd moved and buzzed around me, but they were merely background noise. His white teeth flashed in a predatory way, his grays were molten, and the way he was staring at me had my body flaring from a single flame to a freaking inferno. Run? What was the definition of that word? Before I knew it, he bent and I landed on his shoulder, my breath escaping me.
We were moving before I realized what was going on. I didn’t struggle, but I did attempt to brace myself on his back so I didn’t just hang there. He carried me out of the arena like he was a victorious warrior claiming the glory, claiming his prize. And I was his prize.

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Always your friendly neighborhood cosmic secretary of romance, Emma Rider has been weaving stories since she was about five, writing and acting out plays about princes and princesses for her parents often. She currently resides in the East Coast with her husband and two standard poodles. She loves to read, needs to write, and has a love/hate relationship with cooking—but she can be found doing any of these. If she’s not found doing any of these, don’t worry, she’s probably practicing martial arts, dabbling in graphic design or pestering friends with movie quotes. She loves romance, loves happy endings and especially loves writing them.


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