Monday 31 August 2015

Addicted by S. Nelson REVIEW

Addicted (Addicted Trilogy, #1)


Her gasp almost undid me, inhaling a piece of my soul as she swallowed her breath.

Firstly, can we all please take a moment to both appreciate and scowl at the author for ending a book on a freakin' Cliff hanger?! Just when you think you know it all and you're happily smiling at the wonderful way the story "will end" but NO. It seems to have been the perfect opportunity to test our emotional stability.. I mean, why? Why did Addicted have to end like, but more importantly, I NEED the next one ASAP! 

Okay I think I'm slowly calming down from this mental breakdown. 

I should have been more afraid than I was. I should have been screaming and running for my life. But I wasn't.

Nope, I'm not done just yet..

As the title so deceivingly suggests, the story was a little too addictive. And by that I mean, I had to keep away from socialising or anything other my kindle, my coffee and my Alek induced mindset (hey, don't blame me for only being human in drooling over a fictional character. Yup. That's me in a nutshell..) till I knew I was well and truly finished with this one. And just as I was getting happy that it will all be okay, the freaking ending bites my ass for ever thinking I knew how Addicted would end. Shit. Sigh. Ugh.

"Don't apologize. It's nice to have a conversation with someone when they actually say what they mean."

Okay. Without giving away anything that so desperately wants to leave the tip of my tongue, this was a fast read that will DEFINITELY make you leave a couple free hours or a day just so you can finish it. I'm serious.

Alek + Sara

Brooding, sexy and dominant billionaire of a human meets an almost insecure but without a doubt, strong headed flower shop owner. When you look at it from purely that, it sounds like a fun, great but normal new adult romance read. Oh how wrong you are... ;)

His hair was behaving in that unruly way, looking as if he was constantly running his hands through it. Sexy was what it was. I longed to run my fingers through it, twisting his soft strands around my hand as I pulled him into me. Holy Christ. Get a hold of yourself, woman!

His mere presence ignited my desire. What would happen when he actually touched me?

Alek is instantly attracted to Sara, his protective, caveman instincts light up before his eyes , though he doesn't yet know how fully this effects hits him..

It took everything in me not to scold her for being so careless, drunk enough to go home with a stranger, even if that stranger was me.

In the same way, Sara cannot seem to get her mind to fantasizeabout anything else... but HIM.

From the moment that they meet, it was just that simple. Yet it wasn't anything but...

Alex is the typical player that has long lost the count of the one night stands that have flown to his charms. That trail of thought is exactly what goes through his mind when he tries so hard to figure out what those feelings for her are or could be. His battle to steer clear of a relationship, doesn't look to be going so well when Sara pops into the picture. 

My eyes locked with his almost instantly, the snarl on his face suddenly confusing me. What the hell is his problem? It was then I caught him glancing from me to Matt then back again.

Sara is in some ways the polar opposite of his sex-for-one-night or sex at all type, but rather, she keeps telling herself that she can never or should never want Alek. Her past has killed the trust that she now is yet to find in people.. It's the sad truth, one which I myself can wholeheartedly agree with. With that said, I understood where Sara was coming from. I really did. That small realistic aspect made me love the story even more!

"I had a normal life once upon a time...before I met him. But I won't dwell on the past"

All these internal battles that she faces, those mindsets of not abandoning what she learnt from her mistakes, and life in general, get shot straight to hell every time they see each other. But, I wouldn't say that them finding each would be yet anothermistake.. 

I think they learn to let go of specific parts of their life that for so long, had held them captive to what they want, what they NEEDright now. That need can definitely be an addiction to one another. And an addiction that can at any moment, turn any which way.. good or bad. pretty or ugly. With Alek and Sara's relationship, you never really know, and that's exactly what made this such a breath of fresh air type of story

Yes it has it's similarities when it comes to the bad boy getting the sweet girl but it's how, why and what happens between and within every single word of the story that makes it sobreathtakingly good.

His words struck me like lightning. I'd known the man was interested in me but the look he gave me made my body light up from the inside. It was as if he was peering directly into my soul.

I can honestly say, with no surprise whatsoever, that I breathed for every sexy moment of Alek's possessive and demanding side. I did. 

Since the very first time I'd laid eyes on her, I knew she was destined to be mine and I would do everything in my power to protect her, even from herself. I knew I came off as intense and overbearing, but I wasn't about to apologize for trying to keep her safe.

I mean seriously?! What girl wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall or inside their own guy's mind if he was thinking like that? Yeah, I thought so. I also can't blame Sara for having every possible dirty thought about Alek's particular set of "skills".. But more than that, they understood each other in more ways than some married couples could ever do. They simply just clicked. 

"You're going to undo me," he proclaimed. His words were confusing, their meaning completely lost on me. But I didn't care. All I wanted was for him to devour me, to crush my soul with his passion and need."

One simple aspect that I didn't so much like was at the beginning were it seemed like her trust with Alek was too strong. Despite learning that she lost that trust for people a long time ago, it's just didn't feel right that she so easily let him take her home. But later, once we go deeper into Alek's mindset I completely understood why it happened the way that it did.

There's a story hidden behind her eyes. A dark story. She tried to hide it with smiler and sass, but it was lurking, struggling to break free given the right, or wrong, circumstance.

It also just felt a little rushed. BUT I can't say that I found anything else other than a great, loving sexy story that I will read again. I really can't find any more faults. Nope. 

Past mistakes.


ADDICTIVE on another level.

Sweet but sexy.

Bad vs Good.



Drool worth moments.

Sexy male.

Steamy sex scenes.



I can't say any more before I end up spoiling the end, which I am still getting over. If you're looking for a sexy, funny and heartfelt read? Or even a great book in general? You know what to do!

This book was so quotable (as I am sure you could tell by know) and S. Nelson's writing is so unique to what I have come across so far. It's that unexpected way of mixing simple with meaningful. sad with hopeful. sexy with funny. and most of all, fiction with the truth.

Thank you S. Nelson for being able to provide a review copy of such a wonderful book, I can only be grateful and lucky to have stumbled upon your writing! 


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