Thursday 27 August 2015

When Cicadas Cry by Laura Miller - Review

First highest rating that I'd give hands down..
Where the hell do I begin with this story?! F*cking hell!! Reading this book felt like everything literally freezes. And all you're left with are your emotions, the misplaced exhale of the breath you forgot you needed and listening to your heart beating for every moment of Rem and Ashley's story...
I'm not usually the one to fall head over heels for a sappy romance story. I love them but they are usually just another cute, lovely read. BUT I just couldn't keep calm about this one. I wasn't expecting to love it.
And the moments matter - the blissful and the painful.
Every. Last. One.
They are what makes it worth it.
A true understatement of an emotionally unforgiving story!
I can't explain how beautiful. how heartfelt. how raw. how breathtaking it was. I mean, do you ever feel like you're about to read another cute, sexy and simple romance book? Me too, all the time. And if I end up loving those stories then its awesome, it's great but reading this book? Reading Rem & Ashley's story? It touched my heart and even through reading the very. last. word. it still held onto my heart. Sounds cheesy I know. But take my word for it, IT WILL BRING YOU GOOSEBUMPS to how good it was. I'm not even sure I can bring it justice by giving it a 5.

This book can't be explained from a simple 5 star maximum. No.This book deserves a whole new name to the word emotional.
"The kiss is momentary, but the moment seems as if it hangs in the air - suspended like a bird in a wind. And in that moment, my heart is full, and my life is hers. I know it. She knows it. We both know, without sayin' a word, that no matter what happens between the two of us, I will always belong to this girl."

When Cicadas Cry is an unbelievable breathtakingly emotional story about a simple love story between a boy and a girl. Let me rephrase that: It's a heartbreakingly, raw, emotionally draining love story, between Rem and Ashley, that was ANYTHING but simple. But, IT WAS WORTH IT
Their story was more worth it that words dare explain.
Laura Miller has an unnatural talent to turn words into feelings and a simple page into something precious to hold.
She turned a book of pasts and presents into a journey that till the very last page, I can honestly say, I didn't expect for it to happen the way that it did. At one point I was even thinking that it wouldn't "end".. My emotions were so messed up. I didn't expect to fall in love with their story, but damn it if part of my heart is still clinging to the very last page of the book. I NEED something to make these emotions close off. As with Rem & Ashley, I need closure but at the same at, I feel that reading WHEN CICADAS CRY was EXACTLY what I needed.
A journey of two broken hearts that belonged to one another even before they met..
A love so strong that even the cicadas were crying, wanting, needing to whisper their loud despairs..
A story that manages to make a past & a present intertwine into a unique set of words, which I wont ever feel like were mere ink stains on pages enclosed with a beautiful cover. No.

Reading about Rem in the past was like a breath of fresh air to the present that he was trying to get through. I didn't know what happened between them, and until the very ending of the book, I was afraid that they would be simple moments. single words that were purely put together. nothing to it..How wrong was I.
The words and their implications are sinking in. But maybe if I push them out before they have a chance to take hold, then maybe they'll just fade into oblivion.

Reading from Rem's point of view, I always subconsciously felt like I was holding onto my breath. The past in their story was beautiful, lovely and everything that true love is. BUT. With every shaking feeling when turning to the page with the 'present' written at the top, I almost didn't want to know. I almost didn't want to read and feel his heartache. I almost, almost wanted to close the book and at the same feel like I closed the feeling of pain. But no, I couldn't do it. I couldn't because with the true words of the book, it was worth every single broken, sad, touching and raw emotion that I felt from Page 1.
And if you can literally see a heart breakin' by the expression on someone's face, I think I just saw Ashley Westcott's heart break in half..

When the love of his life walks away, nobody really knows why. And though that doesn't matter, we don't get to find out why either until almost the very last page.
It was so hard not to just leave the book and be gone with all these hard and raw emotions I didn't know would come back to me when I stumbled into the pages of "When Cicadas Cry". But, what was even harder, was to not finish Rem & Ashley's story.
In fact, the motion of actually smilin' just makes my heart break even more because I realize then that I can't feel the smile. My mouth moves up, but my heart keeps sinkin'.

How can you not fall in love with writing that has so much soul in it that you feel like you're actually and quite literally INSIDE THE STORY?! The authors writing is incomparable to anything I have come across before, especially when reading a love story. A true love story. I read so many beautiful romances before but this one is on a whole different level.
I'm not being cheesy and I'm not just saying that. I honestly know that this story, When Cicadas Cry will make any soul weep with a happy smile but a cracking heart. I know because I am one of those people.
Every damn word in this book had it's place. Even every letter that was said, every moment that I came across, it all belonged in this story that will capture every fucking heart.

I couldn't believe how Laura Miller created a story that had a past and present interconnect with the heartbreaking but the breathtakingly beautiful moments of L.O.V.E. I din't think that it would work. I honestly didn't think that having a past part of the characters life as well as the present, running throughout the entire story, to be successful. Not at all. I read an abundance of those and I can't pick one that actually worked.
Until I stumble into the pages of this one.
Heartbreaking but worth it.
Emotionally draining but worth it.
Intense but worth it.
But. It was ALL WORTH every last breath.
This book should definitely come with a WARNING label. I wish I new what to expect from this one. I wish I knew that it wouldn't be just another love story. But I'm glad that I didn't. And that's why I wont say any more because you have NEED to read this story. It will make your entire day, year and maybe even life. It did with me and that's not something I can often admit or even say, especially with a fictional story.
But, as much as "When Cicadas Cry" was a work of fiction, I believe it serves to works for all those real moments. Those often barely noticed moments that make up your entire life. Every moment and the moments before it? All those single heartbeats, make every last breath worth the pain. heartache. tear...and everything in between.
Thank you Laura Miller for creating a story that has undoubtedly touched my heart in a way that I needed... I cannot explain how fucking beautiful Rem & Ashley's story was, I really can't. But I can say that I am currently smiling even if my heart can't feel it because it's in the process of mending itself (hope that makes sense..). This was by far one of the hardest reviews that I had to write in a long time. Reading the book was one thing but having to write my thoughts behind a story that like Rem and Ashley, has a girls bleeding heart all over it? It was damn fucking hard but again, worth every moment. Thank you! xxx

If you want to find out whether Rem and Ashley's story was worth it, you know what to do!

I know it's not supposed to be painless. I know all that matters is that it was worth it - that it was worth the story we so painfully, yet happily, etched, in our own handwriting, onto the fragile surface of our souls...
It isn't supposed to be painless. Love isn't supposed to be painless. It's supposed to be worth it. But all I wonder still: Was it worth it? Was it worth all the pain? Was it all worth you?

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