Thursday 27 August 2015

Rub Me The Right Way by Xavier Neal



Finished it in less than an hour.. Granted, it was a short story but that has nothing to do with the addictive element or the writing which was too good to not have a longer book!! I love this one. 

TRUST. And how a stranger just walked into my life and got it, is still the mystery zone.

There is no sugar coating anything in this story. From the very beginning we get an idea of who Astin is. The intelligent, successful CEO of a company that publishes Romance/Erotic Books. Sounds to me like a very different way to approach the CEO role that have been so overused in MANY books today.

With every aspect of a busy role, Astin is tense in more ways than one. Not only does she despise of leaving her phone/emails alone, but she wants anything but to have a massage a couple times a week. 

Little does she know...

Some way, somehow, a six foot four blond giant, ripped like a slightly thinner Incredible Hulk, has entered the room wearing an all white outfit...

In walks the ever drool worthy, typical over the top handsome male lead. BUT who wrong you could be. Well, I mean, he is incredible beautiful and all male in every way - what's not to drool about that.

And when he starts to talk? Oh boy.. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble

There's just something that I always love to see in alpha males which makes their gorgeous looks anything but their defying characteristics. Though, if I ever had a massage person looking like Klous, let me just say that I wouldn't think twice about dropping the *cough* towel. In the most ladylike manner. Who wouldn't right? OK. BACK TO THE POINT.. which was..?! :P

Klous is more than just a pretty face and a body that most women and perhaps even men would find it hard to say no to or only ogle at once.

The way Xavier Neal''s writing is done, makes it easy to get the sense that Klous has more than just the visuals going for him. I mean, in such a short story, there's isn't much room to build up everything about both the characters. No. 

What I couldn't believe was how well Rub Me the Right Way accomplished this. I really couldn't. I was expecting it to be another fun erotic romance with simple yet understanding but lacking characters.

Again, was I wrong!!

Klous lowers his body so he's squatting and his face is a deep breath away from mine. In a tone that makes me clench my thighs together he questions, "Are you ready for me, Astin?"

*puts hands up* dammit, both hands! I am!! ^_*

This book TOOK CONTROL of my emotions. It was such a fast read but at the same time, I couldn't get enough of the characters.

I wanted to hate that Astin left all her control when it came to a stranger - Klous - but I COULDN'T. There simply was no argument to back up why I wouldn't ever hate her decision.

Yes he is a stranger.

Yes they have sex.

Yes they don't know each other.

BUT. What's to know when you immediately get a sense of knowing, not only from the emotional aspects when you meet them, but the vibes that come along with it.

Some say, actions speak louder than words. I say? Vibes speak louder than words ever could.. It's that simple. And the same way, it was that simple for me to fall head over heels with the way this story was done to make it a breath of fresh air when it comes to the typical lets-have-sex-and-then-get-to-know-each-other.

It's all about TRUST. Yes. Trust. You know that gut feeling you often get when trying to make the smallest of choices between chocolate chip ice cream and a bowl of fruit? The fruit will keep your body healthy and energetic, but the damn ice cream is too satisfying not to leave behind? Well, with Klous and Astin, it's like you WANT the fruit salad but you NEED the ice cream.. ;) IF that makes sense! 

What I am trying to say is, it's rare to have immediate trust with someone when you hardly know anything about them. For Astin, it was hard to leave control in all things that she relished behind her, but in the same way, when she met Klous, it was easy to give him her control and therefore her trust.

Aside from the steamy sex scenes that has me blushing 50 shades of red, I loved the dominant, alpha male attitude that the author created with Klous and yet it wasn't overbearing. He didn't act like an asshole who WANTED to take everything from Astin all at once. Her emotions. Her attitude. Her mindset. Her body. No. He didn't want to use that so that he felt better about being the only one who had to be the alpha. Again, no.

It was different.

He had every aspect that I usually find in alpha males who dominate almost all parts of their life and property. BUT, with the way this story was written and especially how Klous was portrayed, it was easy to see that he wanted + needed to make sure that Astin was happy. He knew that she was too tense from work and all the priorities that kept piling on her plate. In that respect, he had to show her how to have her own life, how to be her, how to let go of some priorities in order to have herself live HER OWN LIFE. 

That point above made more sense in my mind.. >_<

Point is, in this story? Klous has the dominant, drool worthy, alpha male element to him with a dirty mouth that would make any woman's panties drop. But. He isn't just that. In this story. Klous exists as an anchor to Astin's slowly sinking mindset in what her life priorities should be.

And in the same way, Astin exists to be the counter balancing element to what Klous has long been looking for but never truly found. Until her. 

I absolutely loved this story! I seriously fell for the characters and only ever wished that it was a lot damn longer. A lot!!

The only part that made my give it a 4.5? IT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH!!!

Klous <3 - forever my new MCM!

ENJOY! xx 

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