Wednesday 23 September 2015

**BLOG TOUR/REVIEW** - Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn

Fighting Fate (Harrow #1)

Fighting Fate 

by Scarlett Finn


Another easy read, because when you find an author that has stories that capture your mind and soul? That's it. I can honestly say I will pick up any book by Scarlett Finn from here on out. 

Prior to starting the book, I saw a few comments about some readers not particularly liking Dax, the ever sexy alpha male. I didn't want that to cloud my form of thinking in any way so I set it aside...

This story is dark but not as dark as I expected. It was a pleasant surprise to see such a deep and raw element of kidnapping & control be turned into an addictive read that had me thinking everything I thought I knew about what makes someone a bad person. It really did.

'Do you think you're a tough girl?' he asked. 'You have no idea what you did tonight, no idea what I'm capable of. You should never piss off a man who has no conscience.'

Ivy is a girl who doesn't seem to have luck on her side. Being nearly rapped followed by kidnapping her to be trained into a submissive for a guy that she hates more than the devil, is only the bare beginning..

She had never been content with her lot in life, she didn't want money and riches; she just wanted to belong, to know that she would be ok and that she wasn't alone. That dream seemed to be getting distant every day."

Dax is an enforcer of all things that should make him a bad guy but with a heart that somehow manages to beat faster through all the mess of trying to claim a girl that shouldn't be his. 

But having Ivy submit with her rebellious nature is anything but an easy task.. if possible. 

Guilt and shame were a brainwasher's best friend.

Fighting Fate is one of those stories that unexpectedly grab hold of your mind and heart and everything else, leaving your sanity in a trail of broken pieces. It's a story of a strong minded girl that has a tough life, a life that shouldn't be called a 'life" but she has to find a way of surviving. Despite her struggles before being kidnapped, she keeps her self worth, her respect & personality.

Giving up would be easy. Yes. That is always the fastest and easiest option when the going gets tough.

Letting go of your respect and what you think is right for you, is also something easy to do. Very easy to a weak, scared, and brainwashed mind..

Her body did what Bruno wanted it to, but there was blank determination in those chocolate eyes. She was doing what he did, a job, what needed to be done..


There's always a but to every fighting chance.

When you know what is worth your respect and life in general, you do what you have to do in order to find a way through to getting back into a life that you should.

Fighting to stay alive when you have everything working against you is hard. damn hard and sometimes even impossible. But do you know what is even harder?

Fighting against someone fate...


Take that as you will, but until you read this story, I'll give a subtle reminder of all the sexiness that goes on in it too.. 

Through all the hardship that Ivy goes through, and the constant changing mindset that Dax seems to have between fighting for what he learnt, and his relationship with her, it's a plot twisted story that will bring you to a reading high

You get everything and anything between the pages of a strong book with such perceptive ideas.



Dark but grey too..

POV challenging







Action packed


I couldn't have been more honored to once again having read a story that I will read over and over again. The only element that made me give it a 4.5 instead of 5, was how Dax handled his "family". I was NOT expecting for him to change his mindset about Ivy so damn quickly. I was sure that he would fight heart and soul just to keep her as his and protected. I DID NOT expected that ending between what seemed like brainwashing of his own by the people that seemed he realised wasn't his family a little too late..

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the ending. It was the perfect mix of sexy and heartbreaking. It was an ending that should have happening the way that it did, but I just was not so sure about the way the the lead up to that was done. That's just my opinion and it's only a small thing.

The story was undoubtedly wonderful. It was dark enough but at the same time it had a sexy element all throughout. It had characters that I am sure we will all grow to hate especially with their devilish personality but it also had a way of showing why those characters were that way. Not that it's an excuse for their unnatural behaviour, BUT, the author captured their back story so well that it made you double think of the glimpses of good that might be hiding behind all that dark..

One of my favourite parts however, was seeing the beautifully tainted relationship between Dax + Ivy develop.. PERFECTION would be an understatement!

Fight for what you know is you. 

Give up what you can live without.

Trust your gut when fate doesn't seem to be in your favour.

Read Fighting Fate and bow down to Scarlett Finn in creating a world that anyone would happily lose themselves in over and over again..

That's all.

Thank you Scarlett Finn for creating a world of characters that I can only ever hope that my own books will hold between their pages :)


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