Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Art of Stealing Hearts by Stella London **RELEASE BLITZ**

Title: The Art of Stealing Hearts
Series: Love and Art #1
Author: Stella London
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: September 30, 2015


“The bid is at five million dollars. Going once…” 

This morning, I was waiting tables and dreaming of an internship at San Francisco’s most famous auction house. Now I have my paddle in the air, bidding more money than I can imagine for a priceless painting – and all because of him. 

“Going twice…” 

Charles St. Clair is a famous British billionaire, and the most seductive man I’ve ever met. I can’t get him out of my head, and he’s not letting me get away. He’s offered the chance of a lifetime, all I need to do is say ‘yes’. 

“Sold, to the lady in the front row!” 

Things like this don’t happen to girls like me – or do they? All I know is, I’m going to enjoy the ride.

5 stars!

It sure stole a piece of my messed up heart <3

Gorgeous and emotional in every way!

Read this one in nearly just one sitting, too addictive, funny, romantic and sexy <3 It's one of those stories that brings almost every element that will surely make your heart beat a faster beat and your emotions to be running all over the place.

I so easily sympathised with Grace, being in that environment of fighting in every way that you can just so can have a life that bares at least a little easier when it comes to seeing the future. Having to find a job/internship and the way Stella London's writing dusts off every nook and cranny of the raw and intense mindset of being at that stressful part of life? Was made so realistic, that it was easy to relate. I honestly had to give props for how held together Gracie was during the interview.. Just from that alone we get a loud idea of the type of character she is and how she evolves throughout the story. Once she meets and spends time with St Clair - the every sexy, drool worthy and funny hottie - her personality shines through.

St Clair brings such an air of strength and dominance to the story but no in the way that you might be thinking? I mean, he makes up for what we aren't seeing in Gracie's point of view, the idea of knowing that you might be okay tomorrow.. Hopefully that makes sense as I'm trying not to spoil anything? It's a story that brings every form of a mindset and a way of figuring out your choices but from the perspectives of just two characters.. It's breathtaking how well Stella London creates something that I don't often see in many Romance based books.

Easy flowing writing BUT at the same time, it's DEEP. EMOTIONAL. RAW. INTENSE. REALISTIC. SENSUAL. FUNNY.

It made me tear up and laugh. It make me feel anger at all the things that will never really make sense in the world. It also made me feel. FEEL. Such a simple word, but when written with such talent, with a story that I absolutely adored, it turns into something different all together... Delve into THE ART OF STEALING HEARTS and you'll find out what I mean..

I cannot wait to read more of your work Stella London and I cannot thank you enough for being so kind to provide an ARC of this beautiful, empowering and very romantic story!

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Author Bio

Stella London is a romance lover turned newbie author. After a childhood spent traveling in Europe, she now calls New York City her home - but still keeps a flame burning for those sexy foreign accents. She loves strong coffee, new shoes, and handsome men in a well-cut suit.

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