Friday 25 September 2015

Love Bites by HJ Bellus *Cover Reveal*

Love Bites
"Love Can Kiss My Ass"
A Romantic Comedy by Author HJ Bellus
Two stand-alone stories same theme.

Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography

Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers


It always gets you when you least expect it.

You know the times when you have no willpower or desire to fight back. Then when you’re on the hunt for it, it becomes as elusive as a great white. But the day it knocks on your door you’re such a love-scorned woman you tell love to kiss your ass.

That’s right… LOVE BITES.

Sage Clark is no stranger to this game. She’s been beat down time after time in the vicious cycle of love never coming out the victor. When all hope is given up and every option depleted, Sage settles in for a lifetime of yoga pants, pop tarts and a steady flow of chick flicks.

Raise curtain and cue the choire.

In walks the man of her dreams and he’s seemingly perfect from head to toe. Sage feels her ovaries heat up at just the mere sight of the man but knows all too well love is a losing game for her. However, her prince charming just may have enough willpower to win her over.

Follow Sage as she slips and slides her way into the arms of the man who could be her Mr. Forever. She just might make the game of love her bitch this time.



Model: Bob Gerrity

Photographer: FuriousFotog

Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Designs


Oh Tate Martin, king flirt, sex God!

Finding his fiancĂ© and best friend all tangled up in his bedroom sheets was enough to turn “LOVE” into Tate’s worst enemy. Happy endings, fairytales, and all things associated with women hardened his heart and extinguished all his hopes of finding his future queen.

That’s right…LOVE BITES.

Tate rubs some dirt on his wounds from the game of love and opens up his very own business, “Date Tate, Casanova on Call”. Custom tailored to the needs of the women in the city. There’s no limit to his services, women call him night or day in search of the perfect wedding, business, or “meet the family” date.

You need a date? Tate is your man. He never claimed to be original just smoking hot, fly and ready for action.

Cash is flowing, Tate’s getting his sexual appetite fulfilled, and the silver lining –nobody’s heart gets broken in the process. He’d challenge Prince Charming to a duel in the swag department.

Until a certain brunette bombshell named Royal Fox hires him. The once cocky, smooth talking charmer finds himself at a loss for words and can’t quite explain the butterflies fluttering about. He’s felt the tingle in his dingle from other women, but this time it’s different. Hell the slightest breeze gives him a stiffy that lasts hours around Royal.

Follow Tate as he gets trapped on the highway to hell some call LOVE and find out if LOVE makes Tate her bitch.


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I'm just a simple girl who loves the country life.. .oh yeah! & a good corn dog! Throw in a little Vanilla Ice, and shits bound to get crazy! Be brave...

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